• Facial Cupping Massage


This treatment utilizes of Specific Small Glass Cups and a Vacuum Machine with multiple pumping modes and settings to create suction on the body surface.

Before applying the cup, the therapist will cleanse your skin with Rose Water and then apply Deeply Nourishing Organic Facial Oil to facilitate smooth movement.

Reap the benefits of this deeply relaxing and hydrating treatment:

  • Increased oxygen-rich blood circulation
  • Strengthens skin & connective tissues
  • Stimulate cells responsible for collagen production
  • Relax muscle tension

Because of this, practice is said to:

  • Clearer, Healthier, Brighter & Smoother Skin
  • Face Lift & Drainage
  • Minimize Appearance of Scars, Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Tone Chin, Jawline, Neck & Décolletage
  • Decreased Puffiness
  • Firmer Face & Neck

Treat Yourself and Feel Amazing!